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Retailing Target Store

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Brand Image
Brand Recognition
• Stores
• Less Options than Sam’s Club
• Legal Interpretation
• Strong Policy
• 3 States
• Demographics
Sam’s Club
Target’s Competitive
Perceived advantage in the industry
• Store Image: Clean, attractive, organized,
colorful, smells like popcorn!
• Located at front: customer service desk, photo
shop, bridal and baby registry, snack bar,
restrooms, weekly ad display and dollar section.
• Eye catching, colorful merchandise displays
• Convenient store layout
Superior Products & Brand Names
• World-class designers
such as: Mossimo
Giannulli, Isaac Mizrahi,
Liz Lange, Michael
Graves, Todd Oldham and
many more.
• Fashionable clothing,
shoes, home dГ©cor and
just about anything else
you can think up!
• A first in the Pharmacy
industry- clear, colorcoded, easy to read
prescription bottles.
• Now you can easily
identify the correct bottle
and take correct dosage.
Superior Relationship with
Named Forbes “Most Charitable Company” 2005
National & local community partners
Target Corporation gives back 5% of pretax profits
$2 million weekly to education, social services,
neighborhoods, the arts and more.
• Target encourages employees to give back to the
community on their own time as well
Superior Relationship with
• Target is doing their part to improve the
• Energy efficient lighting and equipment in
• 70% of waste has been cut
• Recycle shopping carts…
• Donate groceries
Global Skills
• Target merchandise can be purchased
from around the world
• The Target website can be accessed
around the globe 24/7
• Shopping online is safe, fun and easy!
• Product Differentiation:Target offers trendier styles
of merchandise. There exists a wide variety of
products, whether it pertains to the style, color,
packaging, fuctional features, etc. Some of the
products are made exclusively for Target stores
• Price- AlthoughTarget offers more upscale, fashionforward merchandise,they offer discount prices. Prices
are just right for the quality offered
• Place/ Distribution- Merchandise is displayed in a
clean, organized and welcoming environment.
• Target Market-Target stores tend to attract younger
and more educated customers than its competitors.
• Publicity (newspaper articles, news, word of mouth)
• Commercials/ newspaper inserts/flyers
• Public Relations ( serving the community, donating to
non-profit organizations)
• Sponsorships (Westminster dog show, Race car
• Gift cards+ Target Business card( Red card)
• “Take charge of Education” (scholarships, donationsmonetary and non-monetary)
• Event sponsoring (Annual Target Fireworks showMinneapolis,MN; Sweep Stakes)
• Arts and Reading Grants
• Promotes Diversity
• Internet (Web site-weekly ads, Hispanic Heritagewebsite in Spanish)
Target has gift
cards to offer. We
all know that gift
cards are a
practical gift.
Since regular
customers are
satisfied with
both Target’s
service and
they feel that
whoever they’re
giving the card to,
will be satisfied
as well.
And if you
don’t have any
cash with you,
there is the
convenience of
using Target’
Visa card or
the regular
Racing in itself is a widely
seen event and Target has
taken that opportunity to
sponsor some teams.
Target knows that by doing
so, they will expose the
public to their logo and
create awareness of their
Thanks to event sponsorships, Target has created
awareness of their business. With this, Target hopes
(and knows) that they’ll be able to reach many different
audiences. Among these are: the fourth largest annual
fireworks show in the U.S in Minneapolis, Minnesota;
Westminster Dog show- which also led to a $5000
donation to an animal shelter. Target sponsors sweep
stakes, and they too, help schools with fundraising.
Target is committed to give
back to the communities that
they serve. Target gives over
$2 million each week to
neighborhoods, programs and
schools across the country.
Target Law Enforcement Grant Awarded
Target House is an innovative
approach to long-term
housing for families whose
children are receiving lifesaving treatment at St. Jude
Children's Research Hospital
Target has what is called Take
charge of Education where “Target
donates an amount equal to 1% of
REDcard (Target Visa and Target
Card) purchases made at Target and, and 1/2% of Target Visa
purchases made elsewhere, to the
eligible K-12 schools.
Target has volunteers
(employees, friends, family,
anyone that is willing to lend a
hand) that go around the
community and/or get together
with an organization and help
The Target Foundation: is
movement encouraging U.S.
corporations to commit five
percent of federally taxable
income to support community
In Conclusion…
пЃЇ Biggest Strength: The Target logo is more
recognized than that of Nike or Apple.
пЃЇ Biggest Weakness: # of Stores compared to
пЃЇ Biggest Opportunity: Non-Operational
пЃЇ Biggest Threat: Wal-Mart.
Competitive Advantages
пЃЇ Perceived advantage in the industry: magnificent
store image, clean, organized and attractive layout.
пЃЇ Superior products and brand names: high quality &
designer fashions, new & innovative prescription bottles,
RED card and gift cards
пЃЇ Superior relationship with consumers: involved in
community, donate both time and money, committed to
diversity, Target tries to protect the environment by
recycling, and cutting back on energy.
пЃЇ Global skills: Target website which can be accessed 24/7
around the globe
пЃ±Excellent Customer Service
пЃ±Offers higher quality merchandise compared to
пЃ±Local Community involvement
пЃ±Online store
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