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Контрольная работа "Люди и страны", 11 класс, 1 четверть.
Check your grammar and vocabulary, Unit 2 " People and places".
1 вариант.
Test №1. Fill in the gaps with the definite article where necessary.
In (1) ... 1929 three years after his flight over (2) ... North Pole, (3) ... American explorer, (4) ...R. E. Byrd, successfully flew over (5) ... South Pole for (6) ... first time. Though, at first, (7) ... Byrd and his men were able to take a great many photographs of (8) ... mountains that lay below, they soon ran into serious trouble. At one point, it seemed certain that their plane would crash. It could only get over the mountains if it rose to 10,000 feet. (9) ...Byrd at once ordered his men to throw out (10) ... two heavy food sacks. (11) ... plane was then able to rise and it cleared the mountains by (12) ...100 feet. Byrd now knew that he would be able to reach (13) ... South Pole which was 300 miles away for there were no more mountains in sight. (14) ... aircraft was able to fly over (15) ... endless white plains without difficulty.
Test №2. Read the text and decide what the underlined words are substitutes for. Choose the appropriate answer in the box on the right.
The residents of London say that (1) they see a lot of foreigners. 1. they: a) the residents b) London
It's true that London is a very cosmopolitan city, and people from all over the world come to live here. But it's not only 2. who a) visitors b) foreigners foreigners (2) who coming to live here (3) which gives London 3. which a) foreigners b) Londoners
(4) its cultural diversity. London it is a melting pot where there are 4. its a) London's b) foreigners' large Irish, Asian, West Indian, African and Chinese communities
(4) which have came to Britain mostly after the Second World 5. which a) people b) communities
War. The culture (5) which immigrants brought with (6) them 6. which a) the culture b) immigrants
has now become an integral part of British culture. London 7. them a) immigrants b) culture
it is, for example, home of attractions, like Notting Hill Carnival,
(7) which takes place in every year in August. 8. which a) carnival b) attractions
Test №3. Make up sentences after the model:
Model: (know) what city I am in. If only I knew what city I was in. (If only ... + Ved2)
1. (water) plants 6. (pass) the exam
2. (have) one million dollars 7. (go) to the doctor
3. (get up) early tomorrow morning 8. (know) what to do
4. (not work) so hard 9. (get) to the theatre on time
5. (spend) so long in the bath 10. (receive) good mark for this test
Test №4. Fill the missing words in the table:
Verb Noun
attract = ... destine = ...
... = unit ... = attraction
finance = ... ... = prosperity
be unique = ... ... = restriction ... = accommodation develop = ...
Test №5. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the words from the table:
Eden Gardens is one of the most impressive tourist (1) ... in Cornwall, Britain. It (2) ... architectural, botanical and educational values. It has also proved its (3) ... viability as it has already had more visitors than it planned for. In the two biomes you can see and enjoy a diversity of the (4) ... collections of vegetation from the tropical and the temperate regions of the Earth. The humid tropic biome, which is the largest, could (5) ... the Tower of London or 11 double-decker buses put on top of each other or 24 placed end to end. All those features together make the Eden Project one of the most prominent tourist (6) ... in Britain and it (7) ... people from all over the world. However it is anything but a finished project, and that is one of its strengths for people will always want to come back to see it (8) ... . Our town began to (9) ... after the new mayor had been elected. City authorities are trying to (10) ... the number of tourists visiting the local nature reserve.
Контрольная работа "Люди и страны", 11 класс, 1 четверть.
Check your grammar and vocabulary, Unit 2 "People and places",
2 вариант.
Test №1. Fill in the gaps with the definite article where necessary.
Are you ever puzzled by abbreviations and acronyms in (1) ... English? Well, here are some of (2) ... most common ones together with their explanations, to help you understand this strange form of (3) ... English! The days of (4) ... week and (5) ... months of the year are sometimes abbreviated, so you will find Mon / Tues / Wed / Thurs / Fri / Sat / Sun and Jan / Feb / Mar / Apr / May / Jun / Jul / Aug / Sept / Oct / Nov / Dec. When (6) ... year is mentioned you may notice A.D. or B.C. is used. A.D. stands for (7) ... Anno Domini, meaning in the year of (8) ... Lord, so that this year is A.D. 2000. B.C. means (9) ... Before Christ, so we can say, for example, that (10) ... Julius Caesar was born in (11) ... 101 B.C. (12) ... courtesy titles that come in front of (13) ... people's names are usually (14) ... abbreviated forms of longer words. Mr stands for (15) ... Mister. Test №2. Complete the sentences using the words from the box.
Torrington is a very ordinary town in North Devon, famous for its fine glassworks but otherwise not particularly attractive to tourists, who simply pass through it on their way to the coast. There was not much (1) ... and there were not very many things in the town centre for people to do. A few years ago, a group of local people put their heads together to try to find a way of (2) ... and getting them to spend money there. This would (3) ... and also create new jobs. 
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