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Conception for lands of high natural
value – international agreements
Biological Diversity Convention
• 1992 – Rio de Janeiro;
• Three main objectives :
1. Conservation of biodiversity;
2. Sustained use of biodiversity components;
3. Sharing benefits arising from adaptation of genetic
resources for commercial and other purposes through a
fair and equitable manner;
Pan-European Biological and Landscape
Diversity Strategy
• framework for development of consistent
approach to the Convention on Biological
• emphasis on the importance of landscape
diversity for planning land use;
Kiev Resolution on Biological Diversity – May
• Until 2006, identification of all areas of high
natural value in agricultural ecosystems in the
Pan-European region according to selected
general criteria will be completed;
• Until 2008, a significant portion of these areas
will be managed in manners protecting
biodiversity through use of adequate
mechanisms, e.g. instruments for rural area
development, agro-ecological programmes and
biological agriculture which, among other things,
will support their economic and ecologic viability;
European Environment Agency
• In 2001, EEA conducted an overall study to
determine agricultural land indicators of HNV
being aware of their increasing importance for
the EU agricultural policy;
• Project focused on natural value rather than
agricultural aspects;
European Environment Agency
• „Agricultural land of high
natural value includes
those regions in Europe
where agriculture is the
main (commonly
dominating) method of
land use and where
agriculture supports or is
united with high diversity
of species and habitats or
with presence of species
subject to preservation in
European scale or both.”
Project for planning agricultural lands
of HNV on European level
• Preliminary plan of agricultural lands of high
natural value for ЕС-15 made on the basis of
two main sources: network of EU agriculture
accounting data and land cover database
(CORINE land cover 1990);
• Update targeted at assessment of the aims laid
down during the Kiev Conference, as well as the
implementation of the policy for development of
rural areas 2007 – 2013; (monitoring indicators
for RAD programmes);
Community strategic directions
for rural area development
EU ecological priorities:
• Biodiversity and conservation of agricultural and
forest systems of high natural value;
• waters;
• climatic change;
that: “…axis II should contribute the three priority
issues on EU level: biodiversity and
conservation of agricultural and forest
systems of high natural value...”.
Why support biodiversity management?
• Systems of HNV are not always profitable
for the farmers since the price paid by the
customer does not include environmental
added value, which a farmer creates by
decreasing the intensity/investments
compared to conventional agriculture.
EAFRD monies provide opportunity for
payments to farmers for these ecological
Thank you for your attention!
Yulia Grigorova
WWF Danube-Carpatian Programme
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