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How to Get Involved -

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How to Get Involved
Volunteers - come and put your knowledge and talents to work. If you would like to volunteer,
please e-mail us at: [email protected] and let us know how you would like to help.
п‚Ё May Retreat 2nd-6th
п‚Ё September Retreat 5th-9th
п‚Ё June Retreat 20th-24th
п‚Ё October Retreat 3rd-7th
I would like to VOLUNTEER by helping with:
пЃЇ Transportation
пЃЇ пЃЇ Babysitting
п‚Ў To/From Airport
п‚Ў To/From Date Night
п‚Ў ВЅ Day
пЃЇ Meal Preparation
п‚Ў To/From Other Retreat Events
п‚Ў Breakfast п‚ЎLunch п‚ЎDinner
пЃЇ Donate Supplies
п‚Ў Set Up
п‚Ў Ice п‚Ў Snacks
п‚Ў Cooking
п‚Ў Drinks (Water, Soda)
п‚Ў Serving
пЃЇ Sponsor Date Night
*How Many Couples?
п‚Ў Clean Up
пЃЇ Donation of Services
п‚Ў Salon/Spa
п‚Ў1 п‚Ў2 п‚Ў3 п‚Ў4 п‚Ў5
пЃЇ Sponsor a Meal for Group
п‚ЎBreakfast п‚ЎLunch п‚ЎDinner
пЃЇ Donate Food for a Meal
п‚Ў Salad
п‚Ў EntrГ©e п‚Ў Side Dish
п‚Ў Other: __________
п‚Ў All Day
п‚Ў Yachts for Deep Sea Fishing
п‚Ў Boats for Tubing, Cruising,
Snorkeling, Fishing, Etc.
 ATV’s
пЃЇ Clean Up After Guests Leave
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