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How to get messages sent from Delegates to appear in the Manager

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How to get messages sent from Delegates to appear in the Proxy's Sent Items folder
When sending as a delegate to a Proxy account, sent items are retained in your own Sent Items folder. The instructions below provide a method for having a copy also stored in the Sent Items folder of the Proxy account without having to manually drag-and-drop the messages from one folder to the other.
The solution is to send a blind copy of messages to the Proxy itself and then for a rule to move such messages from the proxy's Inbox to its Sent Items folder.
Step 1: Proxy sets up a Rule to move these messages to their Sent Items
While logged into the Proxy account, a rule can be set up that automatically moves certain messages. To do this, first select Tools then Rules and Alerts... and then click on the New Rule... button.
The Rules Wizard default is to "Start creating a rule from a template". The Step 1 default is to "Move messages from someone to a folder" - both of these settings are fine.
In the Step 2 window click on "people or distribution list" and select the proxy account and all delegates from the address book window that pops up. Then click on "specified" and select the "Sent Items" folder from the list and then click the OK button.
Click the Next > button. The top item will be ticked ("move it to the specified folder"). Do not select any more actions.
Click the Next > button. Check the box next to "except if my name is in the To or Cc box".
Click the Next > button. Give your rule a name e.g. "Move Delegate Sent Items". 'Run this rule on messages already in "Inbox"' should be unchecked while "Turn on this Rule" should be ticked.
Click the Finish button. It is important that "OK" or "Apply" are selected from the remaining "Rules and Alerts" window that displays a list of the rules - if "Cancel" is chosen before either of these then the new rule will not be saved.
Step 2: Send Blind Copy to the Proxy
When sending a message as a delegate, using the proxy's name in the "From..." field, you can use the "Bcc..." field within the original message to copy the manager for whom you are a delegate. The proxy for whom you are a delegate will receive a copy of the original message, but the recipient will not see any names that you list in the "Bcc..." field.
If you use Word as your e-mail editor, open a new message and on the Options button, click the arrow to display a drop-down menu. Then from the drop-down menu, select Bcc so that it is checked.
If you do not use Word as your email editor, open a new message and click View then select Bcc Field so that it is checked.
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