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June 7, 1960
Filed Dec. 24, 1958
WARD WEAR/(001.1. I
;,‘ I my aw¢é
United States Pareto" me
Patented Jun,e.7, 1960
for example by means‘ of a securing element‘ 25. The
body member 24 is provided with a substantially arcuate
shaped slot or cut-out 26 that de?nes a pair of oppositely
positioned closed shoulders .27 and 28 at the opposite
2,939,629 ..
ends of the slot or cut-out 26, and the pin 23 on the
' Howard W. Barkdoll, 1940 Atlantic St, St.’ Paul, Minn.
(cum-+35) -' ‘I
) I engagement with the‘ shoulders 27 and 28. A second pin
30 extends outwardly'from the body member 24 in the
Filed Dec. 24, 195s, seam. 192,901
1 Claim.
vlever 22 extends through the cut-out 26 for selective
same direction as the pin 23 in laterally spaced relation
to that. end of the slot or cut-out 26 de?ning the shoulder
. 27, as'shown in the drawing.
There is further provided a movable bar 31 which
' has one’ end connected to the door 16 by means of a pivot
This invention relates" to a mail box,- andimore par
pin 32.. The other end of the bar 31 is provided with a
ticularly to an automatic signal for a mail box.
15 V-shaped‘ slot 28 ‘for ‘selective engagement with the pins
The object of the invention is toprovide a rural mail
box signal that Wilir operate automatically when - the
30 or 23. The bar'31 is 'slidably supported in a bracket
34 which is secured‘ as by welding to a side wall 13 of
door is closed and when the signal will be raised and
the housing 11 so that the movement of the bar 31 is
lower alternately each time the door is closed.
limited to a path of movement that will cause the V
Another object of the invention is to provide a simple, 20 shaped slot 28 to engage either the pin 23 or the pin 30.,
durable, and e?icient device of this character which is
The numeral 35 indicates a latch piece that is secured
cheap to manufacture, and which is especially suitable
to the upper surface of the top 12 of the mail box 10.
for use in rural locations.
The numeral 36 indicates a latch piece that is secured to
With the foregoing and other objects in view which
the upper edge of the door 16 ‘and the latch pieces 35 and
will appear as the description proceeds, the invention 25 36 are provided for maintaining the door 16 in closed
resides in the combination and arrangement of parts and
position until it is desired to open the door as forex
in details of construction hereinafter described and
ample when mail is to be removed or placed in the mail
claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise
embodiment of the invention herein disclosed can be
According to the present invention, it will be seen
made within the scope of what is claimed without de 80 that there has been provided a rural mail box with a
parting from the spirit of the invention.
In the accompanying drawing, the preferred form of
the invention has been shown.
In the drawings:
signal ?ag 21 that will operate automatically when the
door 16 is closed. The signal 21 is raised and lowered
alternately each time the door 16 is closed, and the sig
nal is- locked in position when the door is closed.
Figure 1 is a fragmentary side elevational view of a
The operation of the device is as follows:
With the flag 21 in the lowered position as for example
ent invention, and with parts broken away and in sec
as shown in Figure 1, the door 16 is opened to the solid
tion, and showing the signal in lowered position and the
line position in Figure 1, and as the door 16 .is closed,
door open.
the bar 31 slides upward at an angle controlled by the
Figure 2 is a view similarto Figure 1, showing the sig 40 bracket 34 and pivot 32 and is moved rearward and as it
nal in raised position, and with the door open.
slides downward to the position shown in dotted lines
Figure 3 is a view similar to Figures 1 and 2, but show
in Fig. 1 in alinement with the pin 30, further rearward
ing the action when the door is being closed.
movement of the bar 31 will cause the slot 33 at the
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken on line 4--4 of
.rear end of the. bar 31 to engage the pin 30 and this
Figure 3.
causes rotation‘of the body member 24 which in turn‘
Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral 10 in
rotates the shaft 18 since the body member 24 is ai‘?xed
dicates a mail box which includes a hollow housing 11,
to the shaft 18 as at 25. As previously described the
and the housing 11 is of the type that includes a top 12,
arm 20 and lever 22 are ?xed to the sleeve 19 that is ro
spaced apart side walls 13 and 14, and a bottom‘wall
tatably mounted on the shaft 18, and since the pin 23
15. There is further provided a door 16 which is hingedly 50 that extends from the lever 22 is positioned within the
or pivotally connected to the front edge of the bottom
cut-out 26, as the body member 24 rotates the shoulder
wall 15 at the lower iiront end of the housing 11 as at 17.
27 will engage the pin 23 and cause the lever 22 to
mail box equipped with the automatic signal of the pres
According'to the present invention, there is provided
The movement of the lever 22 will rotate the
an automatic mail box signal which includes a rotatable
sleeve 19 and since the arm 20 is ?xed to the sleeve 19
shaft 18 that extends through the side wall 13 at a point 65 the arm 20 will rotate with the sleeve 19 and cause the
adjacent to the top 12 and the upper front end of the
?ag 21 to be raised as for example to the position shown
housing 11, Figure 4. A sleeve 19 is rotatably mounted
in Figure 2. As the lever 22 moves past the center bal
on the shaft 18, and an arm 20 is secured to the sleeve
19 or formed integral therewith, the arm 20 carrying" a
signal or ?ag 21. The arm 20 being mounted on that
ance the weight 29 will urge the arm 20 forward until
the arm 20 engages the stop 37 and thus by gravity the
weight 29 will’ keep the arm 20 and ?ag 21 in raised
portion of the sleeve 19 that extends outwardly of the
position. The next time the door 16 is opened, the sliding
wall 13.
bar 31 will be withdrawn to a position where pin 23
The numeral 22 indicates a lever which is secured to
which is in shoulder 28 of the cut-out 26 will be lined
that portion of the sleeve 19 that extends inwardly of the
up with the slot 33 on the sliding bar 31. Then, when
wall 13, and a weight 29 is adjustably connected to the
65 the door 16 is closed this time, the pin 23 will engage
lever 22 adjacent the free end thereof. A ?rst pin 23,
with the slot 33 so that as the bar 31 moves the arm 20
extends from the lever 22 at right angles thereto and
and lever 22 will be moved upwardly until the pin 23
inwardly of the weight 29 for a purpose to be later
engages the shoulder 27 of the ‘cut-out 26. The, member
24 will then be caused to rotate and the signal 21 will
The numeral 24 indicates a rotatable circular body
be returned to its lowered position, as for example as
member which is connected to the inner end of the shaft 70
shown in Figure 3 where the signal 21 is shown being
18 inwardly of the lever 22 in any suitable manner, as
moved to its lowered position.
" 'aeaaeae ., -
4 ,
The member 24 is thus returned to the position shown
for rotation therewith, a weight adjustably connected to
in Fig. 1 so that the pin 30 again is adapted to be en
the outer end of said lever a ?rst pin projecting from
said lever, a circular body member connected to said
gaged by the slot 33 in the bar 31 when the door 16 is
shaft for rotation therewith, said body member being
provided with a cut-out, said ?rst pin extending through
again closed as previously described. The weight .29
on the lever 22 helps insure that the parts will move by
said cut-out, a second pin extended from said body mem~
ber, a bar having one ‘end pivotally connected to said
gravity to their proper positions, when required) ‘The
bracket 34 provides a support for the sliding bar .31",
door, there .beingta V-shaped slot in the outer end of
said bar for ‘selectively engaging said ?rst and second pin
The parts may be made of any suitable. material. and
in different shapes or sizes.
Minor changes in shape, size and rearrangement of deé 10 whereby when said door closed the selective engage
ment of said V-shaped slot with said pins will raise or
tails coming within the ?eld of invention vclaimed may be
lower said arm and ‘the signal thereon with the weight
on said lever moving said arm and signal by gravity to
In a device of the character describerLa mail be}; -in-—
‘ their proper positions, and a guide bracket secured
resorted to in actual practice, if desired.
I claim:
cluding a hollow housing embodying spaced apart side 15 through said one side wall in angular relation to said
shaft and having said bar slidably passing therethrough.
walls and a bottom wall, adoor hingedly connected. to
said housing, a rotatable shaft extending through one of
said side walls, a sleeve rotatably mounted on said shaft,
an arm secured to said sleeve for rotation therewith, a
signal carried by said arm, a lever secured. to said sleeve 20
References Cited‘ in the ?le of‘ this patent
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