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June 7, 1960
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Filed May 20, 1957
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United, States Patent 0
2,939,617 '
ICCv .
Patented June 7, 196i!
media the packing of table salt or the, like, is shown,
which has one end surface 11 thereof‘ provided with a
pouring spout 12 for overlying an enlarged aperture 12a
2,939,511 '
formed in said surface and in improved closure 13,;the
latter being adapted to overlie and close off a plurality
of relatively small perforations 14 formed in said con
Win?eld s. 'Hassler, Glenview, 111., assignor to Morton
Salt Company, Chicago, III., a corporation of Illinois
' 1 Filed May 20, 19-51, Ser.No. 660,159 ~
1 Claim}: (c1. 222-556)
' tainer end surface 11 in spaced relation with respect‘to
said enlarged aperture.
The pouring spout 12, which is of conventional ‘con
struction, is pivotally mounted on the surface 11 and is
adapted, whenin the position shown in Figs. 1 and 2, to
overlie and close o? aperture 12a. The aperture 12a and
pouring spout 12 are provided to enable 'a large ‘amount
of material disposed within the'container to be poured
This invention relates to a closure construction and,
1. “
15 directly from the container through aperture 12a. The
perforations 14, on the other hand, are provided to enable‘
the material within the container to be sifted therefrom
upon the container being disposed in an inverted position,
In containers of this type, it is most desirable to close
the pouring spout 12 in a closed position, and the closure
off the perforations formed in one surface of the con
tainer, when the latter is not in use, so as to prevent 'ac 20 13 in the position shown in Fig. 2. The perforations 14
are arranged, in this instance, in relatively close proximity
cidental discharge of the contents of the container or to
with respect to one another and de?ne a triangular pat
prevent moisture or foreign matter from ?nding its way
tern. It is to be understood, of course, that the arrange
into the interior of the container.
ment of the perforations may be varied from that shown,
Various closures of this particular type have hereto
fore been proposed, which are ineffective or undesirable 25 without departing from the scope of this invention.
Formed in container surface 11, in this instance, in ad
for one or more reasons. For example, such prior closures
more particularly, to a closure for a sifter-type ofcon
tainer, such as a salt box or the like.
dition to aperture 12a and perforations 14, is a slit ar
are oftentimes of complex construction and have a tend
rangement comprising a pair of slits 15 which are dis
ency to be adversely a?ected or rendered inoperative by
posed in relatively spaced relation with respect to one an
the material being dispensed from the container. In ad
dition, such prior closures frequently are not provided 30 other and with respect to the perforations 14. The func
tion of the slits 15 will become apparent from the dis
with means for effectively retaining the closure in a closed _
cussion to follow hereinafter. In addition, the number,
position with respect to the container perforations.
shape, and relative position of the slits may be varied with
Thus, it is one of the objects of this invention to pro
out departing from the scope of the invention.
vide an improved closure which is not beset with the afore
The improved closure 13 comprises a relatively flat
mentioned di?iculties.
cover piece 16 which, in‘ this instance, de?nes a triangu
It is a further object of this invention to provide an im
proved closure which is simple, yet sturdy, in construction,
attractive in appearance, and automatically prevents clog
ging of the container perforations by the material being
lar shape of greater proportions than the triangular pat
tern formed by perforations 14. The cover piece 16 is
provided, along one side thereof, with a pair of tabs 17
which are adapted to embrace a staple or pin 18, carried
dispensed therefrom.
by the container surface 11 in a position adjacent and
Further and additional objects will appear from the de
substantially parallel to one side of the triangular pattern
scription, accompanying drawings and appended claims.
formed by perforations 14. The tabs 17 permit the cover
In accordance with one embodiment of this invention,
piece 16 to be pivoted or hinged about pin 18 as an axis '
an improved closure is provided which is adapted to be
used in combination with a surface having a plurality of -~ ' whereby the cover piece either overlies'and closes off the
perforations arranged in relatively close proximity to one 45' perforations 14 formed in container surface 11 or un
covers the same, depending upon the purpose for which
the container is to be used. Cover piece 16 is also pro
vided,.along the other two sides thereof, with tabs 20 which
tions. The improved closure comprises ‘a cover piece
are bent in substantially the same direction relative to the
which is pivotally mounted on the surface adjacent the
perforations thereof and is adapted, when in one posi 60 cover piece to assume angular positions with respect to
the plane of cover member 16, whereby such tabs will be
tion of pivotal adjustment, to overlie and close off the
inserted in the corresponding slits 15 formed in the con
perforations. The cover piece is provided with a tab
tainer surface 11 and, thereby, frictionally retain the cover
which extends angularly from the periphery thereof and
is adapted to be inserted in the surface slit arrangement ‘ 'piece in its closed position as shown in Fig. 1. The tabs
and frictionally retain the cover piece in its overlying 55 20 are formed on the periphery of the cover piece 16 and
are preferably spaced a substantial distance from the piv
otal axis of the cover piece.
For a more complete. understanding of this invention,
Formed in the central portion of the cover piece 16 are
7 reference should be made to the drawing, wherein:
a plurality of protuberances 21, which extend from the
Figure 1 is a fragmentary perspective view of a con
tainer, showing the improved closure mounted thereon 60 cover piece in substantially the same direction as tabs 20
and, when the cover piece is in the position shown in Fig.
"and the cover piece thereof in overlying relation with
1, are adapted to register with and project into or through
respect to a plurality of perforations formed in said con
another and a slit arrangement formed in said surface in
spaced relation with respect to said plurality of perfora
the perforations 14 formed in container surface 11. By
reason of this fact, protuberances 21 prevent perforations
Fig. 2 is similar to Fig. l, but showing the cover piece
65 14 from becoming clogged with the contents of the con
of the ‘improved closure in its open position.
tainer and, in addition, prevent moisture or foreign mat
Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional view taken along line
from ?nding its. way through perforations 14, when
3-—3 of Fig. 1.
the cover piece 16 is in its closed position.
Fig. 4 is an enlarged sectional view taken along line
The outer edge portion 22 of cover piece 16 is offset up
4--4 of Fig. 1.
Referring now to the drawing and, more particularly, 70 wardly a slight amount so as to facilitate manipulating the
cover piece from its closed position to its open position.
to Figs. 1 and 2, a tubu1ar~type container 10, commonly
tainer surface.
The shape of the cover piece and the number of'retain
the periphery of said perforation arrangement, and a clo
sure for said perforations and said slit, said closure com
prising a cover piece and pin means mounted on said wall,
the improved closure is mounted, without departing from
said cover piece being pivotal about said pin means dis
the scope of this invention.
posed along a peripheral segment of said cover piece, said
Thus, it will be seen that an improved closure has been
cover piece having a plurality of protuberances insertable
provided which is simple, yet sturdy, in construction, at
into said wall perforations to effect closingtoff thereof
tractive in appearance, and effectively prevents clogging
when said cover piece is in one position of pivotal adjust
of the container perforations by the contents of-the con
ment, and at ,leastrone angularly spaced tab mounted on
tainer. ‘In addition, the improved closure is adapted to 10 the periphery of said cover piece and spaced from said
effectively retain the cover piece in its closed position
pin means, said tab, when said cover piece ‘is in said one
and thus prevent moisture or foreign material from ?nding
position‘ of pivotal vadjustment, being insertable into .fric
tional locking engagement with said slit whereby said cover
its way intothe interior of the container through the per
forations 14 when the closure member is in its vclosed
pieceis retained in said one position of pivotal adjustment.
ing tabs ‘20, as well as protuberances 21, may be varied to
suit the particular size and shape of the container on which
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
. While a particular embodiment iof-this inventionis
shown above, it will be understood, of 'coursethat the
invention is not to be limited thereto, since many modi?ca
tions may be made and it is contemplated, therefore, by
the appended :claims, to cover any such modi?cations as 20'
fall within the true spirit and scope of this invention.
I claim:
The combination of a wall for a container, having a
plurality of perforations arranged in close proximity with
respect to one another and at least one slit disposed on 25
7' I
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