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June 7, 1960
‘ 2,939,622
Filed 0st. 4, 1956
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Joseph M. D'Ippolito
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June 7, 1960
Filed Oct. 4. '1956
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Joseph M. D'Ippolito
June 7, 1960 _
Filed Oct. 4, 1956
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Joseph M. D'Ippolito
United States Patent
V 1C6
‘Patented June 7, t1960
I 1
Figure 5 is a view in section of aside elevation ‘taken
along the ‘lines 5-6 of Figure '4. " ‘
" v
Preferably, the package ‘blank is made from a one
piece die-cut, scored piece of suitable material such as ,
.iosephM- 'D’lppnlito, 149405 ‘72th Ave, EIuShiHgN-YQ
Filed on. 4, 1956, Saw. rise.‘ 513,912 '
2 Claims. (c1. ass-e39)
' Referringnow ‘in detail to'the accompanying drawings,
Fig. 1 shows a package blank scored "along, horizontal
and vertical score ‘lines s, to'rprovide 'left- and right-hand
side—wall members >1 and_ f1", respectively, front- and
10 back-wall members 15 and ,16, respectively, apertured top
partition member 2, apertured bottom partition member
3, top cover member 4,, and bottom cover member 5.
The back-wall member 16fisprovided with a tab 16" for
securing the back-wall member to (the. side-wall member
The-present invention relates to new and ‘improved
packages for ‘holding, shipping and displaying fragile con
tainers, such as glass -?asks,'-jars ‘or bottles.
Such con
tainers are of the type commonly :used for the merchan
1 when the blank is folded. ‘The cover members 4 and
5 are equipped with side ,?aps 4’ and 5', respectively,
forming with the cover members, locking slots 6. “The
apertured-top partition member 2 has a central aperture 7,
and the apertured bottom partition member 3 ‘has a
Objects and advantages of the invention will beset 20 central aperture '8. and is ‘slotted marginally of the aper
ture‘8 to providediarnetrica'lly opposed tab portions 9.
forth in part hereinafter. and, in part will be obvious
The top
bottom partition members 2 and 3 are also
therefrom, or may be learned 1bypracticewith-the inven
provided with tabs '2' and ‘3' ‘having adhesive portions 11,
tion, the same being realized and attained by means of
dising of foods, cosmetics and toilet goods‘. - '
the combinations, improvements and instrumentalities
pointed outinthe appended claims. '
for securing these members to the ‘back-wall member 16
V25 when the blank is folded ‘into package ‘form. Between
' The invention consists in the novelparts, constructiQns,
the cover members v4 and *5- is another aperture ‘10 which
arrangements, combinations and improvements ‘herein
shown and described.
spans the front-wall member 15 and ,has v‘its opposite ends
located in, the side-wall members 1 and, 1", respectively,
explain the principles of the invention.
In the distributionof containers of the type described
it is desirable to prevent ‘breakage-due to abrupt contact
the tab 16’ of the back-wall member. 16', and thefl'atter
for securing the tabs 2" and 3' of the apertured partition
minimize the effect of vertical or lateral movement of
spectively, which in turn are connected to the back-wall
for the purpose of providing a viewing aperture ‘in- the
The accompanying drawings, referred to herein and
constituting a part hereof, illustrate one embodiment of 30 front and side walls of the package when the ‘blank’ is
the invention, and together with the description serve to
folded. The side-wall~member 1 and v‘back-wall member
16 also have adhesive portions 11, the former for securing;
with hard surfaces and to ‘this end various expedients 35 wall members 2 and 3 in their folded state. The aper
tured partition wall members 2 and 3, respectively, are
have been devised. Among such means have been cush
connected by front partition wall members 2" and 3", re
ioning devices and also supporting wall-like members to
the containers. More speci?cally, attempts have been 40 member 16.
made to achieve this result by including in the package
In order to assemble the blank into package form, it is
advantageous ?rst to fold the partition wall members 2
apertured wall-like members which ?t closely around
and 12 along their score lines s until they parallel each
the container and extend to the sides of the package.
other at a distance apart ?xed by the spacing wall mem
ber 2". The securing tab 2' is adhesively bonded to
protection alforded by the package by making it more 45 the back-wall member 16 at a distance below the top of
the latter such that with the members. 2 and 12 horizontal,
These have served to lessen relative movement of the
container within the package and also have increased the
Among other disadvantages of these attempted solu
tions of the problem is the increased cost of packaging
the spacing wall member 2” will be vertical. The parti
tion wall members 3 and 14 are similarly folded and
secured at the bottomportion of the back-wall member 16.
time involved in the assembly of these separate items in 50 The front-wall member 15 and side-wall members 1
and 1' may then be folded along their score lines 3 rela
the package.
An object of the present invention is to provide a con
tive to each other and to the back-wall member 16 into
due to the additional cost of materials and the additional
tainer package which will eliminate container breakage
a rectangular enclosure and secured by adhesively bond
ing the back-wall securing tab 16’ to the side-wall member
with no corresponding increase in packaging costs.
Another object is to provide such a package which will 55 1. In this condition, the double-walled partition at the
have increased protective structural rigidity without the
top and bottom will be flush, in the top and bottom open
ings of the enclosure. As a ?nal step the top and bottom
need for separate additional supporting devices.
A further object is to provide such a container package
cover members 4 and 5 and their ?anges 4' and 5’ are
folded along their score lines so as to overlie the top
which may be used to display the product at the point
of sale without removing the product from the package. 60 and bottom double-walled partitions with the ?anges
inserted in place between the sides of the partitions and
Of the drawings:
the side walls 1 and 1' of the package.
As seen in Fig. 3, when the blank is assembled into
package form by folding along the score lines s aper
package of the type described;
Figure 2 is a view in perspective of the assembled 65 tured top partition wall member 2 is adhesively bonded
by its securing ?ap 2' to the back-wall member 16 and
forms a parallel wall to partition wall member .12. These
Figure 3 is a view in perspective of the upper portion
parallel walls when held in place by cover member 4 as
of a partially assembled package;
Figure 4 is a view in front elevation of an embodiment
seen in Fig. 2, form with side walls 1 and 1’, a structural
of the invention showing an assembled package holding 70 box-like member giving strength and rigidity to the pack
age at its top portion. As seen in Fig. 2 also the same
a ?ask; and,
Figure 1 is a plan view of an embodiment of the
invention showing a blank which can be folded into a
effect is achieved at the bottom portion of the package
by apertured bottom partition wall member 3, its oppos
a rear wall, and an apertured front wall together form
ing an enclosure open at its top and bottom; a pair of
ing partition wall member 14 and side walls 1 and 1'
when held in place by the bottom cover member 5
horizontally disposed, double walled, apertured partitions
‘The package shown in the drawings is particularly'use
enclosure, each said partition comprising spaced apart
ful for’h'ol'ding glass containers of a ?ask-like’ type, with
rounded lowerportions as shown in Figures 4 and 5.
Aperture 8', by reason of its slotted portions 9 permits
wall members paralleling each other and hingedly con
nected along one and the same edge of each to said rear
partition member 3 to securely grip the ?ask, keep it
from ‘contact with the bottom, of the package, and at the
same time prevent the ?ask from moving laterally. The
upper portion of the ?ask passes through aperture 7 in
located in the openings at the top and bottom of said
wall, and a spacing wall member paralleling said rear
wall and hingedly connected to each of said parallel wall
partition member 2, and is thus held in place without any
members along‘ one and the same edge of each parallel
ing said ?rst mentioned edge; and a pair of cover members
adapted to close the‘op'enings in the top and bottom of
said enclosure and secure said double walled partitions
substantial lateral movement.
from movement, said cover members being hingedly
When the'package isjcompletely assembled and ‘?lled, 15 connected to said front wall at its top‘ and bottom re
the adhesive portions 11 secured to one another, and the
cover ?aps locked in position by means of the locking
slots 6, v'it' is .a rigid, protective casing. However the
package is adapted to attractively display the product at
spectively, and having each a pair of side ?aps adapted
for insertion between said enclosure and said double
walled partitions.
2. A package as in claim 1 in which the opposing wall
the point of sale, as well as to carry suitable advertising 20 members of said pair of double Walled partitions are
messages, trademarks, and the like, while the product or
product container may be seen without removal from
the package.
The invention is not limited to packages for holding
provided each with a central aperture, the apertured wall
member of the bottom partition being slotted marginally
of the aperture to provide diametrically opposite tab
one container. It may be adapted to hold a plurality of 25
containers by extending partition members 2 and 3 pro
viding them with additional apertures. This of course
References Citedin the ?le of this patent
would be accompanied by corresponding extensions of
opposing walls 12 and 14, and of cover ?aps 4 and 5.
These would ‘be the only modi?cations needed, and no 30
additional structural members would be necessary.
the speci?c combinations, improvements and instrumen
Cunningham _________ __ Feb. 12,
Armstrong ____________ __ July 10,
Wellman _____________ .._ Apr. 9,
Eggbrecht ____________ .. Aug. 3,
Beardsell ________ _'_____ Jan. 29,
talities described but departures may be made therefrom
within the scope of the accompanying claims without de 35
McDermott __________ _.. Nov. 7, 1950
Levko? ______________ .. May 18, 1954
Desmond ____________ __ Feb. 19, 1957
The invention in its broader aspects is not limited to
parting from the principles of the invention and Without
sacri?cing its chief advantages.
What is claimed is:
l. A one-piece container package comprising side walls,
‘Great Britain _________ .._ Aug. 22, 1951
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