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May 7, 1935.
Filed June 27, 1934
Patented May 7, 1935
, enfants“
Lichtenstein, wopeineia-Nfyi!
Application Juden, 1934, fseifiai N0. 732,560 ~
f3 ciaipiis. Y (cire-'243). ‘
Y :Thempresent inventionirelates ltoftoileti- seat papermay stretch in twoîdirections so'that* it
covers an'd‘rnore _particularly to a sanitary paper mayf-conformïnaturally to a curved contour. i
cover which is designed to conform tothe' shape
It is--,»also~-withinj the . contemplation _: of _ the
' »present invention to provide a paper seat cover
In the use of prior seat
i covers, »a great-`
Y ,
Si oftheseat..
which fully protects 4the user _from personal` ex
shortcomings were present which _made their posure tothe seatand -whichmay be Aeasily«,di_s-handling a nuisance. lThey refused to conform ,pensedß after use,
to the shape of theA seat without a great deal of »It isanadditionalgobject of vthe present inven
folding andstretching of the paper»~ îFurther tioritoprovideÀ a'sani'tary'fseat cover which may
more, when` a- user was obliged to tediously spend be ymanufactured and prepared inexpensively so
time in shaping the cover so that he` could sit as_-to be available to the `ultimate consumer at a
thereon in safety, he was very apt to tear and
,Other-,objectsand advantages` of
injure the paper. In prior devices, _if an attempt
were made to provide a coverwhich naturally con
y 5
invention will becomeiapparent from the following
formed to the contours of the seat, severaldiffl
description taken in conjunctionwiththe accom 15
culties were encountered.
panyíng- drawing; in fwhichr-
ItY was found that
folding of the paper cover Was impractical once ,
the paper was out.
‘.Fig. 1v „is a top planview of, an,` embodiment of
This was true since the cover the present invention Whenlaidout flat;
was made' ofa comparatively large sheet which, - Fig.> 2 is a plan View ofthe folded lseat cover
when severed, refused to be folded without great showingthe mannerin which it is preferably cut
difliculty and expensive machinery. The paper and weakened; .
tended to tear in its weakened condition. An
Fig. 3 illustratesa sectional view of a seat hav
other shortcoming was encountered because, if ing one of my paper sanitary covers placed there
cuts were made so as to enable the cover to con
on ready for'use.
Referring more particularly to the drawing,
of the seat was exposed, or the folds were rendered reference character I designates a, fiat sheet of
form to the seat, the cuts were so large that part
so weak that they tore as soon as the user’s paper, preferably tissue or crepe which may read
weight came down onto the paper. On the other ily be discardedV and dispensed after use. Sheet>
hand, if the lines were not weakened adequately, l may be either of'an elliptical, square or rec
there was a tendency for the corners to project tangular shape.« This sheet is then folded in 30
or stick outwardly and for the paper cover to fit quarters along the rectangular axes. II'he result
very clumsily over the seat. In other words, the ing pack is illustrated in Fig. 2. For thepurpose
cover was not provided with the proper amount of preparing the cover, the line- 2 is out from aV
of “give” or “stretch” so that it could ñt neatly point slightly above the center corner 3 of the
and naturally in place. Likewise, if such a sheet to a point 4 on the periphery of a quadrant
natural ñt were attempted, the diñiculty in fold of an ellipse drawn around the center 3. It will
ing the paper rendered commercial vending im be noticed that this cut severs the four curtains '
practicable. Prior sanitary paper covers had 5 of the sheet l andresults in cuts depicted by
strip ’l may prefer-Y ,
many disadvantages which those skilled in the the lines 6 of Fig. 1. A small
art were attempting to remedy, but. as far as I ably be- left at the center of theïsheet for the
am aware, the art was not provided with a wholly purpose of holding the'same together more se
practical, satisfactory and successful sanitary curely. When the sheet is to be used, of course,
this small strip ‘I is severed by the user.
For the purpose of weakening the lines around
It is an object of the present invention to pro
vide sanitary paper seat covers which may be the quadrant so- that the curtains will fall nat
urally in place over the seat 9> without additional
prepared when in the folded state.
It is another object of the present invention to folding by the user, perforations or score lines are
made in two directions. Without such score lines
provide a paper seat shield which is so con
in two directions, the curtains tend to set back or
structed that it may be conformed to the shape of bend down from an imaginary straight line con- "
the seat without troublesome folding and/or tear
necting the points 4. However, if the paper is
permitted to hang down along this straight line,
It is a further object of the present invention it will be noted that the cover refuses to take on
to provide a paper cover for water closets which the shape of the seat, nor does it hang down nat
has weakened lines of such a nature that the urally.
With my two directioned perforaticns,
While the present invention has lbeen illus
trated and described in connection with specific
embodiments, it is to be observed that modifica~
tions and variations may be incorporated with
out departing from the spirit or scope of the
permitting the cover to fallinto place, it will be invention as defined in the appended claims.
Vthe lines are given a potential stretch in such a
manner that the curtains will hang down and
fold along the periphery of the seat. «In this
manner I achieve an excellent form fitting cover.
Once the cover has been given a potential stretch,
observed that stress concentration points are re
I claim:
1. VA toilet seat cover adapted to iìt smoothly
duced, if not eliminated,so that the sheet will not
tend to tear so easily when a user’s weight is over a. toilet seat which comprises a sheet of
paper having a'plurality of lradial cuts through
To effect
on the
two dìmensioned perforations,
¿ I.
I the central portion of the sheet forming cur
preferably weaken «the lines in a plurality of tains, and having a plurality of T-shaped perfo
The feet pf `rations arranged in an ellipse around said cuts
the T’s extend toward the center of the sheet for permitting the said curtains to be dished where
the required distance. In addition, IY may proe by the ‘curtains may conform to the shape of the 15
T-shaped indentations or the like.
Vide the perforations or indentationsnl’ll in.A the seat. Y
2_. A toilet seat cover ladapted to ñt smoothly
form of radial slots, punches, or thewlilgre, which
enables the curtain to stretch along the imaginary uover aïtoilet seat which comprises a sheet of
line connecting the points 4. In thisîxzsianner,- paper having a plurality of radial cuts through
20 the curtains do not project horizontally over the the central portion of the sheet forming cur 20
seat opening, nor' are they so weakened `'that the tains, fa plurality ofV perforations arranged in an
lines- of stress concentrate at certain» corners ellipse around said cuts, said curtains having a
e. g. points 4, at which points -theyfare aptl to plurality of indentations to dish the same where
by they may conform to the shape of the seat.
13. A toilet seat cover adapted to fit smoothly 25
sioned weakening of lines," I 'may provide two 'or 'over a toilet seat which'comprises a sheet of
more cuts 2 to the folded pack asv shown- in Fig. 2'. paper capable Aof being folded into quarters, said
>As »anothermanner offelfecting' two dimen
These radial cuts produceA additional curtains >and folded sheet having -a plurality of perforations
enable the imaginary lineV connecting points l arranged in the form of a quadrant of an ellipse
to be set back closer ‘to the periphery of the seat, draw-n around the corner formed at the center of ’
thus ‘reducing the number of required perfora 'the folded sheet, and having a cut Vpenetrating
tions or indentations for dishing the curtains.
the four quarters beginning at a point near to the
With these'indentatio‘ns and/or perforations, it said corner land extending toa point'on the pe
will be observed that my rcurtains tend» to dishV riphery 'of said quadrant forming curtains, -said
and take on a concave shape; Once'the `sheethas perforations extending inwardly toward the cen
been set over the seat, the curtains fall into place ter 'to dish the curtains whereby the `sheet when
in >close neat;> fit with ‘the inner periphery ofi the laid out may conform to the shape of the seat.
seat. In this manner the curtains» anchor the
sheet so that the 'tendency isrfor the sheet to
40 `assume the correct 'position and-remain there.
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