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Министерство образования и науки Челябинской области
Государственное бюджетное профессиональное образовательное
«Южно-Уральский государственный технический колледж»
Боронникова Е.В.
преподаватель ЮУрГТК
Грушинская Наталья
Отделение экономики и
2 курс
1. Traditions in our life
2. "Give me Scotland or I die!"
3. Etched in stone
4. Sgian Dubh-hidden blade
5. Highland games
6. The fastest runner- the royal messenger
7. Athletic and sports competitions
8. Modern games
9. Highland dancing
10. Massed bands
11. Clan celebrations
12. The kilt
13. My opinion to the topic
14. Literature
 Traditions are beliefs or behaviors
that are passed down from one
generations to the next within a
certain group or society. They
remind us that we are part of a
history that defines our past,
shapes who we are today and who
we are likely to become.
 They say Scots are stingy,
unfriendly and bad-tempered
people. I think it`s not true. They
are patriotic and are proud of their
country and will defend it with
their last breath.
Every country has many customs
and Scotland is not an exception.
Millions of Scots like their ancestors
revere and save their traditions.
I believe traditions make people
stronger, wiser and more
 Scots have an old tradition – to
wear a knife at the top of the right
stocking or sock. When entering a
house a visitor would hand over his
weapons and reveal any hidden
blades as an act of trust.
 Highland games are events held in
spring and summer in Scotland as
a way of celebrating Scottish
and Celtic culture, especially that
of the Scottish Highlands.
 The Highlands games has its
history. In the 11th century
King Malcolm III of Scotland
summoned contestants to a foot
race . He created this foot race in
order to find the fastest runner in
the land to be his royal messenger.
Highland games revolved around
athletic and sports competitions, a
few have become standard: caber
toss, stone put, Scottish hammer
throw, weight throw, weight over the
bar, sheaf toss.
Nowadays the games may also feature foot races, horseback riding, and
displays of skill such as sheep herding in some regions.
 Scots especially love music and dancing. Highland dance is a style of
competitive solo dancing. It is often performed to the accompaniment
of Highland bagpipe music. Highland dancers wear specialized shoes
called ghillies.
One of the most memorable sights of the Highland games is the massed
bands, when hundreds of pipers and drummers from different groups come
together to play and march in unison.
 Highland games once saw clan
members go head-to-head in
fierce competition . Nowadays
visitors can find out information
about the Scottish roots and can
become active in their own clan
society if they wish.
The Scottish Highland games Association state that all competitors in open
heavy events must wear a kilt when they compete. The modern kilts very
different from their historical counterparts but the Scots wear them with
 Traditions are necessary for all
people, they help encourage
patriotism, and support culture.
 I like the Highland Games in
Scotland. I think, this tradition
teaches children to love their
history, sport, music and dance.
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